Primary data

Primary data are data faithfully extracted from text, and marked up with a type of attributes to be parsed with R - this first step is essential for counting the performances of action per (animated) entity.

  • XPath: /teiCorpus/TEI/teiHeader/encodingDesc/classDecl/taxonomy
  • TEI-XML elements: taxonomy|category
  • TEI-XML attributes: @xml:id
  • Values: action|Being
  • OntoMedia ontology: class Being, specific use in fiction — be aware that for the explanation, “animated entity” will be used.
  • Schema of primary data

Primary data within the elements <encodingDesc><classDecl>:

  • Action (verb):
    • ➯ A verb is the most relevant lexeme in a group of words or a sentence which is used to denote an action — this hypothesis for this preliminary of hermeneutics of action was made following my reading on the philosophy of action and the pragmatics1. A verb (@xml:id="action") belongs to a category (= <category>: TAXO) and sub-category (= <category>: subTAXO).
    • TEI-XML:
      <taxonomy xml:id="primaryData" ana="#taxonomies"> 
          <category xml:id="action"/> 
  • Being (= animated entity):
    • ➯ any character acting within one or several relevant objective and subjective variables.
    • TEI-XML attribute for Primary data Being:
      <taxonomy xml:id="primaryData" ana="#taxonomies"> 
         <category xml:id="Being"/>   

These animated entities are named within the TEI-XML element persName related to @xml:id="Being"
  • Current research in the Cycle of Baʿlu and ʿAnatu by alphabtetic order, “Character”: ʿAnatu (ANT), ʾAṯiratu, (ATH), ʾAṯtartu (ATT), Baʿlu (BAL), ʾIlu's clan (ClanILU), Koṯaru (KOT), Baʿlu's messengers (MES_B), ʾIlu's messengers (MES_I), Yammu's messengers (MES_Y), Môtu (MOT), Rdmn (RDM), Šapsu (SAP), unknown (UNK), warrior(s) (WAR), Yammu (YAM).
  • TEI-XML example for ʿAnatu, attributes within the elements <profileDesc><particDesc><listPerson> elements before the TEI-XML attributes for xml:id action and Being:
       <listPerson type="character" ana="#Being #primaryData" xml:id="Character"> <!-- animated entity -->
          <person ana="#whatCharacter">
             <persName xml:id="ANT">ʿAnatu</persName>
1 a detailed explanation will be given in a forthcoming paper by November 2017.