TEI-XML: structure

  1. XPath “analytical taxonomies”: /teiCorpus/TEI/teiHeader/encodingDesc/classDecl ➞ <taxonomy>
  2. XPath “within transcription”: /teiCorpus/TEI/text/body/div1/div2/div3/div4 ➞ <lg><l>
  3. XPath “text mining”: /teiCorpus/TEI/text/body/div1➞ <div2>

Structure of the TEI-XML document for the preliminary investigation to a hermeneutics of action: document:
      [...] <!-- primary data | objective variables | subjective variables -->
  <text xml:id="KTU1">
     [...] <!-- animated entities'names -->
    <div1 xml:lang="uga" type="transcription">
     <div2 type="tablet" xml:id="ktu1-1">
      <div3 n="1.1.i" type="col" xml:id="ktu1-1_i">
       <div4 n="1.1.i.A" type="part" xml:id="ktu1-1_i_A">
        <lg type="para">
         [...] <!-- within transcription in each line <l> -->
    <div1 xml:id="ktu1_anal" xml:lang="en">
     <div2 type="interp"> 
      [...] <!-- text mining -->

This preliminary process is going to be scrutinized within these sections.